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Texas Lottery

Texas Lottery

One of the ways in which you can take part in a bit of gambling in Texas and perhaps get the opportunity to really win big is by playing the Texas lottery. All you have to do in order to be entered into the draw is to buy a ticket, and you can either pick your own numbers or have them picked for you in order to make things even easier for you right from the start if you are feeling a bit lazy – or if you just do not know what to pick otherwise!

Since it is carried out just in the one state of Texas and is run locally rather than being part of a national program, every cent that is earned by the Texas lottery and which is not paid out in jackpots goes to benefit the state and to ensure that a lot more good is done in local communities and areas than could be done otherwise. The lottery was begun here in 1992, and since then more than $20 billion has been earned and given to the state! From 1992 to 1997 the money was put directly into the General Revenue Fund, but since then all of the proceeds have gone to the Foundation School Fund in order to keep public education going across the state. More than $15 billion has been given to the Foundation School Fund as a result of the lottery now, more than $1 billion of which came from the year 2012 alone – showing that the lottery continues to grow in popularity and attract more ticket sales than ever before. The way that it breaks down is like this: around sixty three per cent of ticket revenue goes back out again as prizes paid to those who win; twenty six per cent goes to the Foundation School Fund; five per cent is taken out by retailers as commission on the ticket sales; four per cent goes to the lottery administration to keep it all running; and one and a half per cent goes to other state programs, mostly from unclaimed prize money, which is reverted back to the state in order to fund programs which are authorised under the Texas state legislature. Some funds have also start to go to the Fund for Veterans Assistance since the year 2010, allowing soldiers with injuries or those who are now elderly to get by a little easier.

You can find the results from every single draw very easily, by heading over to the website which is maintained by the Texas lottery administration and looking at their results section. You can also find previous draw results there too, and if you are not able to get online in order to check you should be able to go to any retailer which sells lottery tickets in order to ask them. Make sure you always keep hold of your tickets until you know the results, just in case you have managed to get a win!

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